Our Product Offering

Kanga Finance offers 2 building finance products:

  1. Standard Building Loan
    • Up to R75,000
    • 36-months to pay
  2. SASSA Pensioner Building Loan
    • Up to R4,500
    • 18-months to pay

On approval of a Building Loan, the money is paid directly into the merchant's business account, with up to 30% being paid directly to the customer to cover labour and other associated building expenses.

Permanently Employed Sector

Total loan amountR10 000R30 000R50 000R75 000
Repayment Term18 Months24 Months36 Months36 Months
What You Pay (monthly)R910R1 995R2 458R3 586
Fixed Interest Rate34.75%34.75%34.75%34.75%
Initiation Fee (Incl VAT)R1 668R2 990R2 990R2 990
Monthly Service Fee (Incl VAT)R69R69R69R69

SASSA Pensioner

Total loan amountR4 000R4 500R5 000R5 500
Repayment Term18 Months18 Months24 Months24 Months
What You Pay (monthly)R384R424R384R416
Fixed Interest Rate27.50%27.50%27.50%27.50%
Initiation Fee (Incl VAT)R690R776R863R949
Monthly Service Fee (Incl VAT)R63.25R63.25R63.25R63.25

Disclaimers: All figures listed are within the NCR prescribed rates. Examples are based on prime interest rates at the time of printing 8 December 2023

3 Easy Ways To Apply For A Kanga Building Loan

  • Ask for a Kanga Building Loan at your favourite hardware store.
  • Call 086 000 3030 and speak to a consultant
  • SMS ‘HOME and your NAME’ to 30633 and we’ll call you back!