Merchant FAQs

Call 086 000 3030 option 1 for immediate assistance

Can I sign up as a merchant if I don’t belong to a Hardware Group and have less than 3 stores?

Yes, Kanga Finance welcomes all independent hardware merchants to sign up with us

How long does the sign-up or registration process take?

Applications are reviewed by our Merchant support team. Successful applications are registered on our systems within 24 hours after approval. Once your store is registered you can start processing applications through Kanga Finance

How many credit champions can I register for my store?

As many as you want, more people closing deals in your store means more revenue for you.

Do my credit champions receive commission for paid out deals?

Yes, Kanga Finance pays out a very competitive commission.

Does Kanga Finance have a help desk for queries?

We have a dedicated support team to assist you and your credit champion.

If a customer wants to cancel what is the process?

If a customer cancels, you would need to refund Kanga Finance the full amount paid to the store for Kanga to cancel the loan our systems. Refund and cancellation requests must happen within 14 days.

Customer FAQs

Call 086 000 3030 option 2 for immediate assistance

How do I know how much I qualify for?

For Kanga Finance to determine what amount you qualify for, you would have to complete the application process. Apply here.

Can I get the loan amount paid to me in cash?

You can get up to 30% paid to you in cash for Labour and transport cost.

I am a pensioner, do I still qualify for a loan?

Kanga Finance welcomes All Pensioners to apply.

What do I do if I have a problem with my goods I received?

Kanga Finance does not own any hardware store. You should contact or visit the store where you made your purchase for your queries regarding the hardware material or delivery issues. You should also continue making your agreed payments to Kanga Finance as this is a loan on which Kanga makes payment to the store of your choice.

How do I check my balance?

Dial *134*668#

How do I update my details?

Call 086 000 3030 or email info@kanga.co.za

3 Easy Ways To Apply For A Kanga Building Loan

  • Ask for a Kanga Building Loan at your favourite hardware store.
  • Call 086 000 3030 and speak to a consultant
  • SMS ‘HOME and your NAME’ to 30633 and we’ll call you back!